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Good news

Good news

Dec 9,2020
                                                                         Good News
We have received favorable feedback from our customers on our packing.
This is not the first time we have received praise from customers on our packaging, but just want 

to share it with everyone. LML pays attention to details and does a great job. We treat every 

product with this attitude, so there is no The customer complained to us on the packaging. If the 

customer has special requirements for packaging, we will also meet 100%. If there is no 

requirement, we will proceed in the best way, and hope that the customer will be satisfied with 

every shipment received.
           products                                       Carefully wrap each layer in EPE Foam                  Sealed tape  
Proper height                                                   Place neatly                                                        Number from No1. upward
Stretch film wrapping                              Surround with corner protection                Case marked TM

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