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Two groups of customers visited LML

Two groups of customers visited LML

May 20,2019

          Two groups of customers visited LML

20th May is a sweet and romantic day today in China.Why do I say that?The number 5.20 is a special number in China,the pronunciation of “520” in Chinese sounds like “wo ai ni我爱你”,translate Chinese words  “wo ai ni我爱你” to English is “I love you”.For this reason,netizens in China chose 20th May as the unofficial Web Valentine’s Day and it has become more and more popular in recent years in China.

20th May,2019 Monday is also a wonderful  working day,the first day of the new week,everyone at LML is full of energy and passion today.Because today there will be 2 groups of customers from different countries visiting LML.

The first group is David and his dad from New Zealand,they mainly purchase silver contacts and stamping parts which are used for relays.Miki and Helen picked them up from railway station and then took them to the factory.They visited the workshop and saw the machinery, warehouse, production process, cleaning process,testing process and packaging process.David and his dad took a lot of photos and took some samples away during the visit, and they are very satisfied with everything about LML.Due to the time is so urgent they haven't stay for dinner.They said they would come for dinner with the order next time. We are looking forward to our next meeting and their first order.

The second group is Olov who is an regular customer from Sweden.He has been working with LML for five years,and he has been purchasing our stainless steel eyelet, stamping parts and nuts.Today is his second visit to LML and time is urgent, so Mike drove with Sunny to meet him and they ate at the shopping center near his hotel.Olov said he believe in LML 100% and don’t need to go to the factory again.During the meeting, Olov and Mike talked a lot about parenting,so they has a lot of common feelings.It turns out that parents in different countries have the same concerns about raising children.By fate, Olov has married a Chinese wife, so he is able to speak Chinese.Sunny said this is the first time to communicate with foreign customers in Chinese, so strange feeling.

We hope more and more customers will cooperate with LML and visit our factory. I would like to promote it again:LML is a company which is professional for producing customized metal parts,main products include:CNC machining parts,automatic lathe parts,rivets,silver contacts and metal stamping parts.We have been focusing on this industry from 1998 and we could provide one-stop service to our customers.Helping with design-making drawings-making samples-mass production-doing inspection-assembly-packaging and shipping.We believe LML will become a reliable partner of your company.LML is willing to work with you joining hands --common development for a better future.

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