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Doug with us spend a weekend night

Doug with us spend a weekend night

May 12,2019

                  Doug with us spend a weekend night

 12th May ,2019 was an ordinary Sunday,everyone is resting, but Helen and Sunny from LML are not,because an American client named Doug arrived in China today and will have dinner with them.

This wasn't the first time Doug has met Helen.He visited the LML factory two years ago, when there was only one rivet case going on.After the first visit to the factory, Doug was very satisfied with the factory, quality and service of LML.Therefore he gave many new cases of hardware products after he went back, including metal stamping parts, automatic lathe parts, CNC lathe parts.Not surprisingly, LML completed these new cases to Doug's and his company's satisfaction.That's why we're meeting again today.

Since it was the weekend that the factory did not go to work and it was the second time to meet, and Doug had just been tired after a long flight, they met and ate dinner at the five-star hotel which Doug lived in.They discussed some ongoing cases in the hotel lobby and then went to the hotel's Chinese restaurant for dinner.Doug said that when he came to China, he prefer to eat Chinese food as it is more anthentic. Tonight, he chose roast duck, scallops, pig ears, grilled lamb chops, beef and vegetables and rice as mainfood.The whole negotiation and dinner was particularly relaxing,Doug and Helen and Sunny were happy to spend a weekend night together.After dinner, they took Doug to the nearby KFC and helped him find a good place to have breakfast tomorrow morning. They also went in and ordered a dessert. When they saw the self-service ordering machine, Doug also gave a thumbs-up and praised to the economic development of China in recent years.He said “i am more and more fond of coming to China, because it is really convenient and especially open. Every time i come to China,i’m very happy’’.

In fact, I appreciate every time customers praise our country and are satisfied with our service.In my opinion, global business brings countries closer together. An inclusive and diversified business environment is beneficial to everyone all around the world.It was a nice and memorable Sunday evening!

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