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Thailand tourism

Thailand tourism

Apr 30,2019

                                                                 Thailand tourism

Today I would like to share a very good news with you:our sales team finally overfulfilled the annual target during the period of April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019.Our biggest boss rewarded us with a 7-day paid trip and input about $10000.Finally, we decided to go to Thailand and set the time at April 21- April 28.

Since April 1, we started to buy travel essentials and do the tourism strategy.we had a division of labor cooperation,Helen booked air tickets, exchanged for Thai baht, etc.Miki and Romen were in charge of tour guides.Sunny and others were responsible for the food strategy,and Jack was responsible for taking pictures.Finally we welcomed the expected and fascinating days of April 21.With our passports , we came to Shenzhen Baoan Airport to wait for the flight. We flew three and a half hours to arrive at Thailand Airport.Because the tourism strategy was very perfect, we didn't take much time to go through the immigration procedures and arrived at the hotel.

During the six days from April 22 to April 27, we completely put down our work and let ourselves get a great relaxation.We went to Phuket and Bangkok and left a lot of laughter on the beautiful clean beaches of Phuket.We choosed one day to take a speedboat to the nearby five islands,each island was super beautiful and unique.During the period,we met some foreigners,we took the language advantage of foreign trade to chat and make friends with them.We also ate a lot of Thai food, the most favorite was widespread frozen coconut milk, we drank at least four coconut milk every day, which was super delicious.After our team arrived in Bangkok, we not only went to crazy shopping but also went to horseback riding and ridding the elephant what was one of the famous travel projects.It was also made us super happy and left a lot of impressive memories.

A paid vacation and free trip makes us very happy and makes our small team more united and harmonious,also this is the benefit of travel. I hope we can achieve more and better performance targets in the future and then travel to more and more beautiful places.I'm looking forward to the next group trip.Thank you very much in advance for all your new orders in the future,dear customers.



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