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Dinner with Bernd

Dinner with Bernd

Jun 19,2019
                                                           Dinner with Bernd
Swiss customer Bernd who is a very kind man visited LML for the fourth time on 19thJune,2019.

Though he is over 60 years old, he looks energetic.Every time he comes we get along pretty well,and I enjoy getting along with him, both in business and in life.He showed us the characteristics of the Swiss:dignified, elegant, delicate, eloquent, civilized, and etiquette.The first impression of him is that he is very cultured and independent in life.As for his business,he gave us the impression that he was rigorous,serious and hardworking.He comes to China at least twice a year and usually stay in China about two weeks each time. He visits many different suppliers each time and his main products at LML are: Metal stamping parts, automatic lathe parts, etc.He usually visit suppliers in the whole of China, from south to north. So has gone to more provinces and cities in China than me even I’m a Chinese.There is a very humorous saying by him: I am not a baby customer, so I can take taxi ,take subway and booking hotel by myself.As he said, he does all these things by himself every time.Because there is no deliberate welcoming, we are more like an old friend, and feel at ease.

Since this is his fourth visit and time is urgent, we didn't make an appointment to meet in the factory, but to have dinner in a shopping mall near his hotel.We left the office at four o 'clock pm and picked him up at the subway station and took him to dinner. Last time we ate the famous Chinese Haidilao Hotpot,so we tried to eat something different this time and chose to eat the Drypot at final. He likes Chinese food culture very much and usually tries different foods every time. I seldom see foreign customers like Chinese food so much.Maybe it's a kind of tolerance and respect, so people who are successful are more awesome.The waiter of Haidilao Hotpot gave three small gifts to us when we passed by the door of Haidilao after eating the Drypot. It was so nice and thoughtful that Bernd said he would each Haidilao Hotpot again next time he came.

Because of this behavior, I think of my work, we should do our best to provide customers with better, more professional and meticulous services in the process of doing work.

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