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How do I find a cnc machining supplier in china

How do I find a cnc machining supplier in china

Aug 5,2021
How do I find a cnc machining supplier in china
1.Search for keywords like cnc machining.
Your search for Chinese suppliers can start online. is popular websites to find suppliers and manufacturers in China. 
Enter the keywords like cnc machining in the search box

2. Ignore any supplier with less than 3 years Gold supplier. 
The higher the number the better. Most buyer will choose like 4+ (less chance of scammers),a Verified supplier is preferred ,look at the top rank supplier to check.On their page, it will say if they are a manufacturer or trader,other than the certifications provided on Alibaba, type the supplier’s name on Google and see what comes up. You may find reviews of the supplier on independent review sites. Customers may have left comments about the supplier. 

3. Have a well-written introduction of what you are looking for.
If possible,please send them the drawing in 3D, CAD and necessary infromation(material,quantity,surface treatment and tolerance) to quote exactly

4. E-mail it to as many of them as you have time for. 
You can screen out 2-3 who have good patience, service and a sense of quality control. That means, don't go for the cheapest! they will quickly reply to your information, and according to your drawings and information to quote. Do background checks on them before sending money.

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