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Olov With Us Spend Thanksgiving Day!

Olov With Us Spend Thanksgiving Day!

Nov 28,2019
        Olov With Us Spend Thanksgiving Day!
Today is the fourth Thursday in November, a traditional American holiday --Thanksgiving Day.It 

happened that our old friend Olov comes to visit our company today.  

Last night,we arranged for him to stay near the company hotel,so at 9 o 'clock in the morning,

our colleagues Sunny and Alisa walk directly to the hotel to pick him up at our LML.When he 

comes, each of us greets him, his Chinese is excellent and his body is fitness,today is very windy 

day,we all wear a lot, but he still wears T-shirt and his hands are so warm when we shaking hands 

with him.Olov visits this time is to explore a new case involving more than a dozen products. Olov 

has been working with LML for five years,and he has been purchasing our stainless steel 

eyelet,metal stamping parts and nuts,and the types of products we cooperate with are getting 

wider.Olov and sunny discussed products for a long time,because Olov has other schedules, so 

we take him to lunch around 11 o'clock.We had a toast together during the meal,he said that he 

was very grateful for our cooperation over the past few years to make their business run 

smoothly. We also thank him for his support. We look forward to working for a cooperation order 

of US $ 200,000 next year. Then next year's Thanksgiving he will bring his children and wife to 

dinner with us to celebrate.Striving for a beautiful promise!
We hope more and more customers will cooperate with LML and visit our factory. I would like to 

promote it again:LML is a company which is professional for producing customized metal 

parts,main products include:CNC machining parts,automatic lathe parts,rivets,silver contacts and 

metal stamping parts.We have been focusing on this industry from 1998 and we could provide 

one-stop service to our customers.Helping with design-making drawings-making samples-mass 

production-doing inspection-assembly-packaging and shipping.We believe LML will become a 

reliable partner of your company.LML is willing to work with you joining hands --common 

development for a better future.

Attach photos from last Olov visited.

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