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Let's explore rivet !

Let's explore rivet !

Update Time:2022/6/13

A rivet is a permanent mechanical joint which are broadly used to jointstructure, ships, barrels etc. These joints are widely used in ship and boilerindustries to join the structure member.

A rivet is a mechanical joint which is cylindrical in shape and having ahead. It is used to joint structure member. It is a permanent joint which meanthat it cannot be disassembled without failure of machine component. This jointform interference fit to joining the parts. Rivets apply mechanical force onthe two plates which joint the plates permanently.


The process by which two plates are joints together by use of rivet is called riveting. In this process mechanical force is applied to make the joint strong and leak proof. In this operation two holes are created in both plates and the rivet is inserted between these holes. At the other end a force is applied through a die which deform the tail plastically and form a required shapes which hold the rivet in the hole and apply a mechanical pressure force which joint the structure. This process is shown by figure.

rivet riveting

Types of Rivets:

Rivets are used as permanent fastener in mechanical industries. It is less costly and effective way of joining a structure. According to the requirement, rivets are available in many shapes and sizes. 
According to the design of rivets, these are classified as follow.

Solid rivets:

Solid rivets used in many structure members such as in ships, Bridge etc. but now days these rivets are almost replaced by welding and brazing. According to head design these are as follow:

Round Head Rivet:

                           round head rivet

Countersunk Head Rivet:

                  countersunk head rivet

Oval Countersunk Head Rivet:

           oval countersunk head rivet

Blind Rivets:

Blind rivets are also known as hollow rivets. These rivets are used widely in aircraft industries, shipping industries and in many electronics industries. The main advantage of these rivets that they have the fastest rate of installation among all fasteners. One more benefit is that this can be install from the single side. A blind rivet is used when it is impossible to seen rivet tail. 

blind rivet

Riveted Joints:

There are two types of rivet joints.

1. Lap joint

When the plates to be joint, are bring together which overlap each other at face, and rivet inserted in overlap section as shown in figure, the joint is known as lap joint.

           rivet joint

According to the number of rows of rivets and its arrangement, this joint is further classified as follow
Single riveted lap joint:

In this joint, the rivets are inserted in the single line, that's why it is called as single riveted lap joint.

sheet rivet lap jiont

Double riveted lap joint:

In this joint, the rivets are inserted in the double line, that's why it is called as double riveted lap joint.

double rivet lap joint

Chain riveted lap joint:

chain rivet lap joint

Zig-Zag riveted lap joint:

zig-zag riveted lap joint

2. Butt joint:

In this type of rivet joint both plates are bring together without overlap each other and joint are made by use of one or two cover plate as shown in figure.

rivet button joint

According to cover plates, number of rows of rivets and arrangement, this joint is classified as follow.

Single straps butt joint:

In this joints, there is only one cover plate used so it is known as single strap butt joint.  

single straps butt joint

Double straps butt joint:

In this joint cover plates are used both side of the work piece, so it is known as double straps butt joint. 

double straps butt joint

Single riveted butt joint:


Double riveted butt joint:

Chain riveted butt joint:

chain rieted butt joint

Zigzag riveted butt joint:

zigzag riveted butt joint

In Addition, there are many other common types of rivets such assemi tubular rivethollow rivetsplit rivetshoulder rivet and so on. For more information,please click “industries encyclopedia”

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metal rivet


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