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CEO & Founder

Mike Lee

β€œAll exquisite products are crafted from components.

LML offers not just metallic parts, but a constant flow of love and value through our meticulous workmanship.”

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LML: More Than Manufacturer, Your Strategic Partner.

The bridge connecting domestic small and medium-sized manufacturers with foreign customers for communication and value delivery.


Our Founder

In 2009, our founder Mike Lee embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and later established LML Metal Products LTD. With nearly20 yearsof dedication in the hardware and components industry, Mike has grown the company from humble beginnings with just one employee and a small office to a professional team today. Despite numerous challenges and setbacks,he remains steadfast in his dreamsand continues to strive forward alongside his team. As a grassroots entrepreneur, Mike leads the company with sincerity, professionalism, and compassion,steering it towards a global presence.

About Mike

Mike Lee, founder and CEO of our company, has had a deep interest inCNC and machinerysince childhood. He considers thedesign and production of customized hardware componentshis lifelong mission. His ultimate goal is to foster mutual success andshared growthamong clients, employees, and the company.


The Beginning of My Business Acumen from Childhood

I'm Li Jun, the founder of LML. Born in a small Chinese village where my parents ran a shop, I developed an early interest in buying and selling, learning to meet"customer needs."As a child, I sold fried peas, a food item that could be used in cooking or as a snack. When kids couldn't afford the minimum 0.5KG purchase with their few cents, I innovated by selling by the piece, making it accessible to them. This approach, which involved calculating the price per pea based on the cost per kilogram, was highly popular among kids and greatly boosted sales, satisfying"customers'" needs.This experience marked the beginning of my business acumen.

Later, when I was in college, I chose the major of international trade, which I was very interested in. I am addicted to reading, especially books on economics and trade. One of my favorite books is Carnegie's How toWin Friends and Influence People, which profoundly influenced my later entrepreneurial path.

During the summer vacation, I went to the factory where my parents worked and took up a summer job. I discovered that even good products may face difficulties infinding a market, which gave me a profound understanding of information asymmetry. This experience perhaps served as the initial seedling for my future startup company.

Why I Founded LML

Building a Bridge to Connect Suppliers and Global Markets


AThirty years ago, sourcing in China was challenging due to ascarcity of suppliers.Nowadays, even with numerous suppliers, foreign companies still encounter difficulties. The question is, how can we become apreferred supplierthat minimizes communication and trial-and-error costs?

My journey in addressing this question began over adecade agowhen I worked in a hardware factory. I realized the difficulty in meeting diverse customer needs and the challenges posed by price considerations. This prompted me to seek collaboration with suppliers, which ultimately led to the successful completion of several projects.

In 2005,I founded LML INTERNATIONAL HK LTD., initially a small operation with just my wife and me. Over time, we invested in factories to provide technical support and sample production. Today, LML boastsover 200 high-quality suppliers, catering to a wide range of customer needs.

Notably, many of our suppliers lack direct export capabilities, making them inaccessible to overseas clients. However, in niche areas, they excel over exporters, offering specialized technical knowledge and production experience. These suppliers form the core ofLML's unique advantage.

LML not only provides a platform for these suppliers but also assists intechnological upgrades and quality controlto ensureinternational standards. We carefully select and evaluate suppliers to maintain reliability and credibility.

By integrating these suppliers, LML fulfills diverse customer needs, enhancing supply chain efficiency and competitiveness. We enjoy stablepartnershipswith suppliers, facing market challenges together.

Today, LML is a renowned company in the international market, earning the trust of many clients. We adhere to the principle of"customer first, quality first,"continuously improving our services.

Looking ahead, we aim to deepen supplier collaborations, expand into new areas, andestablish partnershipswith more companies, driving industry progress.

LML's Mission

More Than Manufacturer, Your Strategic Partner.

  • LML strives to deliver unparalleled service to its esteemed clients.
  • Committed to fulfilling every need and requirement of our customers.
  • Budding entrepreneurs in realizing their creative visions, developing innovative products, and guiding them through the entire process from design conception to prototyping and mass production.
  • Aid in branding strategies to ensure a strong and impactful presence.
  • Facilitate market research in China, enabling clients to gain valuable insights into the local market landscape.
  • Assist in establishing connections with reliable Chinese suppliers across various industries, ensuring seamless procurement.
  • Extend to factory inspections and quality checks, ensuring the highest standards are met.
  • Rrepresent our clients at prestigious exhibitions such as Canton Fair and Hong Kong exhibitions, expanding their reach and opportunities within the global market.


Mike's Customer Service Upgrading Milestones


Planned development: Establishing a comprehensive new website to provide customers with rich information, facilitating the selection of suitable processes, materials, and surface treatments; introducing an order tracking system for convenient order progress inquiries.


Released a comprehensive customer service system.


Established a pricing calculation system to facilitate rapid and accurate quotes for customers.


Launched a supplier management system, enabling the matching of suppliers within 10 seconds.

Be Professional

Our Focus is Solely on Enabling Our Partners to Achieve Even Greater Success.

Our experienced team, encompassing sales consultants, R&D experts, and quality control specialists, demonstrates its agility in adapting to market changes and crafting bespoke solutions tailored to the unique requirements of diverse customers, a fact we consistently uphold daily.

Stable and Professional Sales Team

5+ years solar pump customer service experience Response within 1 hour and 24 hours online One to one service, offer perfect customized solutions

  • For new product R&D, product scheme within l month samles within 3 months;
  • R&D Team serves you all the time with your new product development.

Strong R&D Team

5 R&D engineers; the R&D team is ready to serve your new product development.

  • More than 10 years of industry experience
  • Successfully developed more than 1200+ cases for customers

Strong QC Team

5 QC staff control the quality of each product through the process of IQC, LQC, PQC, OQA.

  • Standardized testing process
  • Professional testing equipment

Let's Work Together For Reciprocity and Mutual Benefit