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Metal Stamping Parts Service

Precision machining meets personalization - unlock the full potential of your designs with our CNC machining and OEM services.

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015 | CE | ROHS

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What is Metal Stamping?

CNC machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software directs the movement of factory tools and machinery, which can be used to control a range of complex machinery, from grinders, lathes to milling machines and CNC routers. The automated control system can logically solve the program flow with manipulation numbers or other marker command requirements, decode them according to the electronic computer, and then operate the machine and machine the part. CNC machines include three-, four- and five-axis milling machines, lathes and routers.CNC machining G code to be able to manual service program writing, but the general machine shop with CAM (auxiliary design manufacturing) fully automated loading CAD (auxiliary design design program) documents and into G code program process, the CNC machine tool to carry out manipulation. LML offers CNC services and offers custom CNC quotes for over 80 materials and 35 finishes.Get Instan Quote

Our Metal Stamping Capabilities

LML makes virtually all types of CNC machined parts, operates all types of CNC milling and turning centers, and can provide EDM and grinding machines. We offer tolerances as low as 0.05 mm (0.0020"), one-piece starts, and two-day quotes.

Custom Samll Stamping Service

CNC turned prototypes and production parts in days.Advanced machines include Swiss lathes and multi-axis mill turns

  • ISO9001; CE; ROHS
  • Tolerances ±0.005mm
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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Servcie

CNC milled prototypes and production parts in days including standard 3-axis mills.indexed 3+2-axis mils & fully-continuous5-axis mills.

  • ISO9001; CE; ROHS
  • Tolerances ±0.005mm
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Gallery of Customized Metal Stamping Parts

"Step into a world of precision and craftsmanship at the Gallery of CNC Machined Parts."

Manufacturer Supply Network

Metal CNC services

LML takes great pride in its extensive and diverse manufacturer supply network, encompassing a range of specialized factories.With a strategic investment approach, LML has forged partnerships with various manufacturing facilities, including CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, die casting, and silver contact factories.This robust network of factories allows LML to provide comprehensive solutions for a wide array of manufacturing needs.Over 100+factories; Coorperate with over 50 countries and 2000 customers.

Metal Stamping Materials

Over 80+materials and plastics for your instant machining quotes


  • Aluminum

    Aluminum alloys have good strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low density and natural corrosion resistance. Can be anodized.


    Aluminum 2014/5052/60606063

    Aluminum 6082/7050/2017A

    Aluminum 2024-T3/2024-T351

    Aluminum 5083-H 111



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  • Brass

    Brass demonstrates excellent electrical conductivity and good machinability. Known for its low friction properties and gold-like appearance.


    Brass Cz121






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  • Copper

    Copper have good strength, hardness, superior thermal and heat conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Consequently, it is a popular material valued for its functional and aesthetic functions.





    Copper C101

    Copper C110

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  • Bronze

    Bronze is great for applications such as bearings as well as marine applications on pumps and fittings where corrosion resistance against seawater is required.It is best used on low-stress components made with CNC machining


    Bronze 932

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  • Stainless Steel

    tainless steel is a ubiquitous metal critical to a myriad of industries from medical to power generation. Its value lies in its strength, heat resistance, and exceptional corrosion resistance.








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  • Carbon Steel

    Carbon steel has high tensile strength Cost-effective, Easy to weld, Easy to machine







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  • Spring steel

    Spring steel have high yield strength and have the ability to withstand stress without permanent deformation.Spring steels are high in carbon along with traces of other elements.





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  • Tool Steel

    High hardness and stiffness, abrasion resistant. Tool steels are metal alloys with exceptionally high hardness, stiffness and abrasion resistance. Suitable for manufacturing industrial tools.








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  • Titanium

    Titanium have excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and extreme temperatures. The metal also has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.



    Grade 1

    Grade 2

    Grade 4

    Grade 5

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  • Inconel

    High-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy. Inconel is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant nickel alloy. Ideal for aerospace applications.



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  • ABS

    ABS is a commonly used thermoplastic polymer with excellent impact, temperature and chemical resistance. It is also easy to machine and process and has a smooth surface finish.

  • FR4

    Flame retardant glass fiber epoxy laminate. FR4 is a class of glass fiber epoxy laminate that is flame retardant, with similar properties to G-10.

  • Nylon

    Nylon is a widely-used engineering plastic with good toughness, abrasion resistance, and hardness characteristics. Nylon 66 properties make it ideal for load-bearing mechanical components.


    Nylon 6/6

    Nylon (30% Glass-Filled)

    Nylon 6/6(30% Glass-Filled)

    Nylon 6 Flame Retardant

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  • Delrin

    Delrin have good mechanical properties notable resistance. In addition to its exceptional mechanical properties, CNC machined acetal offers superior dimensional stability that makes it ideal for high-precision parts.


    Delrin 150

    Delrin AF (13% PTFE Filled)

    Delrin (30% Glass Filled)

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  • Pom

    POM (Polyoxymethylene) is an engineering thermoplastic material that demonstrates excellent dimensional stability, stiffness and impact and temperature resistance.


    Copolymer (POM-C)

    (POM-C) FDA

    Acetal Homopolymer (POM-H)

    Acetal Copolymer (POM-C) ESD

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  • Acrylic

    Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic. One of the most widely used plastics in the world, PMMA demonstrates good chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance. The material is also easy to process and to dye.

  • Garolite

    Garolite G-10 is a composite material with a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Additionally, it does not absorb water and is an excellent insulator, which makes it really useful for electronics applications.

  • PEI

    High strength-to-weight ratio. Thermo-oxidative stability. Excellent mechanical properties. High temperatures resistance and more…

  • Polypropylene

    Polypropylene (PP) is an inexpensive thermoplastic with variable impact resistance depending on the grade. PP is wear-resistant, flexible and can have high elongation, while it also has high chemical resistance.

  • Polyethylene

    Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic available as high-density polyethylene or low-density polyethylene. High-density polyethylene, PE also offers good electrical insulation, impact resistance and temperature resistance.

Metal Stamping Surface Finishes

CNC machining surface finishes gracefully transform raw materials into a tapestry of exquisite textures, lustrous sheens, and intricate patterns, creating a symphony of visual allure.



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Smooth machining

Ra 1.6μm

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Shot blasting

Ra 0.2μm

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Ra 1.6μm

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Black oxide


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Ra 0.2μm

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Ra 0.2μm

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Ra 1.6μm

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Shot blasting

Ra 0.2μm

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Spray painting

Ra 0.2μm

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Metal Stamping Tolerances

"Precision Perfected: Embrace the Power of CNC Machining Tolerance for Immaculate Precision in Every Dimension."We follow ISO 2768 standards for CNC machining.
Limits for nominal sizePlastics (ISO 2768- m)Metals (ISO 2768- f)
0.5mm* to 3mm+0.1mm+0.05mm
Over 3mm to 6mm+0.1mm+0.05mm
Over 6mm to 30mm+0.2mm+0.1mm
Over 30mm to 120mm+0.3mm+015mm
Over 120mm to 400mm+0.5mm+0.2mm
Over 400mm to 1000mm+0.8mm+0.3mm
Over 1000mm to 2000mm+1.2mm+0.5mm
Over 2000mm to 4000mm+2mm+0.5mm

Metal Stamping Design Guideline

Inner corner filletsDesign the inner corner rounding to be 0.020 " - 0.050" larger than the standard drilling diameter. Follow the ratio of drilling diameter to depth 1:6 (1:4 recommended) as a guideline for the radius of the inside corner radii.
UndercutsAlways design undercuts to standard sizes and away from corners to allow for cutting tools.
Tapped/threaded hole depthProvide tool clearance slightly beyond the depth of the tapped hole to ensure a complete thread.
General toleranceTolerances on metals wil be held to +/- 0.005*(+/- 0.127 mm) inaccordance with 1SO 2768 unless otherwise specified. Plasticsand composites will be +/- 0.010”.
ThreadingWe currently support UNC and UNF threads from #2 up to 0.5 in., and metric threads from M2 to M12. Avoid modeling internal threads on your part design.
ComplexityKeep the number of small cuts to a minimum to reduce CNC machining costs; only design in the necessary features to balance function with aesthetic.

The LML Standard--Quality is Our Culture

LML takes the stress out of manufacturing by guaranteeing the quality and consistency of every part. Each order is dimensionally and visually inspected by our in-house quality control team to make sure it meets the LML Standard. If you’re not satisfied with your order, we’ll remake your parts as fast as possible, free of charge, or refund you - whichever you prefer.

Threads and Tolerances

General and tight tolerances

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Cosmetic Standards

Finishes and visual inspection

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Part Cleaning & General Finishing

Edge breaking, deburring and cleaning

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Inspection Standard

Sampling rules, AQL and defects classification

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Hardness Standard

Applicable to different material hardness

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Length Unit

A unit of length in different countries

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Our Ordering Process ---- How to work with LML?

Have drawing for your parts?

  • Send Inquiry

    24-hours sales' service online  Communicate now!

  • Specification Configuration

    Configure your part specifications of drawing, material, tolerance, finish and quantity.

  • Sample Production

    we provide you with samples based on drawings. You can examine and confirm that the samples meet your expectations. If not, reproduce the sample!

  • Mass Production

    Ensure adherence to the confirmed specifications when mass production.

    100% quality control assurance.

    Photos and videos quality inspection data for you!

    24-hours sales'service online Communicate now!

  • Custom Delivery

    Custom Packing with wooden, carton, plastic materials for you to choose.

    Delivery products to your specified location by express, sea, air...

No drawing for you parts?

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    24-hours sales' service online

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  • Requirements Communication

    Conmmunicate your requirements of drawing, material, tolerance, finish and quantity.

  • Drawing Creation & Confirmation

    Engineer will design drawing for your reference depending on your delivered samples or your needs! And we confirm the final drawing before production.

  • Sample Production

    we provide you with samples based on drawings. You can examine and confirm that the samples meet your expectations. If not, reproduce the sample!

  • Mass Production

    Ensure adherence to the confirmed specifications when mass production.

    Photos and videos quality inspection data for you!

  • Custom Delivery

    Custom Packing with wooden, carton, plastic materials for you to choose.

    Delivery products to your specified location by express, sea, air...

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Our Distributed Network of CNC Machine Shops

"Pioneering Precision: Harnessing the Cutting-Edge Capabilities of our Professional CNC Machines and Factory to Deliver Unmatched Quality and Efficiency."

Get Started with Metal Stamping

How do you start CNC machining parts with Hubs?

LML will provide you with a fast, free quotation and drawing service. Your platform for efficient and reliable procurement of high-quality complex metal and plastic parts.

To start sourcing CNC machined partsfrom LML, simply contact us today and our engineers will quickly understand your needs, then draw drawings and produce samples for your reference. If you already have a perfect drawing, our engineers will produce it for you after confirming the drawing, and provide visual quality control services and order tracking.

How does LML’s custom CNC machining service work?

CNC Machining includes CNC turning and CNC milling, which is widely used in automotive, communication, medical, clocks and watches, cell phones, computers and other industries. Machining of mechanical parts generally refers to the sum of the machining process of parts and the assembly process of machines, and other processes are called auxiliary processes, such as transportation, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance, etc.

CNC machines manufacture robust parts with tight tolerances and a range of impressive material properties (mechanical and chemical). Our custom CNC machining service is ideal for one-off jobs and low-to-medium volume production, thanks to automation and high repeatability.

One-stop service with abundantfactories in one network

LML takes pride in its extensive network of cooperative investment factories. These partnerships encompass various sectors, such as CNC processing, sheet metal processing, die-casting, screws, silver contacts, and more. With these collaborations, we have access to abundant factory resources, allowing us to provide a comprehensive supply chain solution to our customers. 

Our aim is to offer a convenient and hassle-free experience by serving as a one-stop destination for all your manufacturing needs. Whether you require CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, or specialized components, LML ensures seamless coordination and efficient delivery, guaranteeing exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

LML's Advantage Over Other Chinese Traditional Manufacturers

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, LML Company stands out as a leading provider of high-quality products and exceptional service. When compared to traditional Chinese suppliers, LML offers distinct advantages that set it apart in terms of capabilities, quality control, customer satisfaction, and overall reliability.

LML Metal Products Ltd.

  • Extensive Manufacturer Supply Network
  • Stringent Quality Contro
  • Customization and Design Support
  • Customer-Focused Approach
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Other Traditional Factories

  • Limited Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Variable Quality Control
  • Language and Communication Barriers
  • Limited Design and Engineering Support
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    "5-Axis" generally refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move the tool in five directions, which belongs to a high precision production technology.
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Our Other Manufacturing capabilities

Sheet metal fabrication

Laser cutting, bending, welding, post-processing

  • Tolerances down to :.004 in (0.010 mm)
  • Lead times from 5 business days
  • See our sheet metal fabricationservices
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Wire EDM Machining Service

CNC production parts in few days

Indexed 3+2-axis mils & fully-continuous5-axis mills.

  • ISO9001; CE; ROHS
  • Tolerances ±0.005mm
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Custom CNC + Casting Service

By leveraging the strengths of CNC machining and casting, LML optimizes production efficiency while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

  • 80+ materials & 35+ colors
  • 0.5% dimensional accuracy with a lower limitdown to :0.0059 in (0.15 mm)
  • Lead times from 7 business day
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Customers' Story

Different industries; different products; different machining types; And the real customer story with LML.

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