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Both Your Business And Money Will Be In Safe

Both Your Business And Money Will Be In Safe

Issue Time:2019/11/14
Both your business and money will be in safe if you choose us
We are very grateful to each customer for their long-term trust and support for LML. Our company has been rated as AAA at Alibaba Business Index.

Alibaba Business Index is a collection of data in relation to a supplier’s registered business information, transaction behavior, operational history, record response rate, key markets and products, key operating individuals and certifications to provide reference to buyers’ assessment of a supplier. The Business Index applies to certain registered Chinese suppliers on different Alibaba platforms, including but not limited to Alibaba.com and 1688.com. Calculation of the Business Index is based on a weighted score over different weighing factors.

As you can see, our AAA is based on an analysis of Alibaba Business Index, the percentage of  businesses ranked AAA within this model segment is in the Top 5%. Alibaba Business Index is an international business pass in our digital age. It can show our company's corporate credit to global buyers, gain customer trust, demonstrate our foreign trade service and performance our company's capability, and prove our comprehensive competitiveness. The level of Alibaba Business Index is of great significance for shaping corporate image and enhancing competitiveness.We will continue to work hard to keep being honest supplier.Both your business and money will be in safe if you choose us.

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