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What advantages do our LML team have?Compared with factory and trading company?

What advantages do our LML team have?Compared with factory and trading company?

Update Time:2022/6/13

A:a. Relative to factory,LML team have timely response and better communication.After we are in contact with a large number of Chinese suppliers,we found that they have a common characteristic: the reply is slow and the communication is difficult and not flexible.One of their favorite saying is that this can not be done. Our LML team will not directly answer no in the same situation and we will analyze how to help customers better.We will combine the feasibility of process and the realization of product functions, and finally help customers achieve mass production.

b.Relative to trading company,LML provide more technical support.In the early stage, when the customer only has a concept,LML team can help the customer to complete the drawing design.Actually,our engineers are always ready to assist in the improvement of the design in order to save costs in the medium term and achieve mass production.After sample testing and product use, the design is constantly modified and improved by LML team.From product concept to design to production to improvement, LML will always offer help to customers,rather than merely help customers complete the production.

c.Provide additional services required by customers.


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